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Garden Tent Adds Luxurious Entreaty To Events

Weddings held outside are very frequent. You will face some unique construction challenges if you choose to have a tent over your reception room. One of the advantages of holding your wedding reception in a tent is that you are essentially starting from scratch. Your location’s natural beauty can act as inspiration because, unlike an […]


Top Reasons to Choose Royal Garden Tents for Your Event

Royal wedding tents are more than just a shade for your valuable guests. You can order hand-crafted tents like Indian tents, Arabian tents, and Raj Tents to host your grand celebration and get the most of it. Royal garden tents are the best choice for your event as they are made of the finest canvas, […]


Pavilion Tent

The octagonal shape and size of the pavilion tent make it large enough to make a big statement. Whether used as a single piece or clubbed together as part of an outdoor luxury tent installation with multiple different tents.



This unique marquee has English inspired interiors as well as ethnic influences and includes an ‘Arts and Crafts’ inspired vintage-style tents, wedding tents as well as the Arabic, Moroccan and Indian themes that provided the initial inspiration for the collection.



Shamiana is best known for melding traditional Indian fabrics, colors, motifs and craftsmanship with modern design and innovation. Our collection of tenting and décor is hand made in our factory with fabrics that we have milled and dyed to order.

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